Episode 73″ – Director Dror Soref

Original Air Date – September 23, 2020

Dave and Ethan interview the award-winning director of Weird Al’s “I Love Rocky Road” music video, Dror Soref.

Dror Soref is an Award-winning Hollywood director, producer and social reformer. He began his career directing Weird Al’s music video “I Love Rocky Road.” Dror also directed Platinum Blonde, an inspirational short that was nominated for the Gold Hugo Award for Best Short Film at the Chicago International Film Festival, and drew the attention of Paramount Pictures which started Dror’s 25-year relationship with them. Some of Dror’s clients include such brands as Ford, Coca Cola, Toyota, McDonald’s, and Fujifilm. Dror also dabbled in episodic television, directing a number of episodes of Power Rangers, the hit children TV series.