Episode 98″ – Trevor Strong of The Arrogant Worms

Original Air Date – March 17, 2021

Dave and Ethan interview Trevor Strong of the legendary comedy music trio, The Arrogant Worms!  Trevor digs deep into the history of The Arrogant Worms, his new internet show, and talks about Weird Al & being featured on The Dr. Demento Show!

Also this episode, Dave and Ethan welcome back a past guest to talk about their new song that features Weird Al, and they announce their exciting plans for the podcast’s two-year anniversary in May! (Hint: Trevor is performing a private concert for Patreon supporters!)

Trevor Strong

Trevor Strong is one of the founding members of the legendary comedy music trio, The Arrogant Worms. Trevor is also the author of Get Stupid!, Pointless Poems, Very Grimm Fairy Tales, and Edgar Gets Going. Trevor also runs an online “Introduction to Comedy Writing” course, and stars in his own YouTube show, Trevor Talks it Through.