Episode 112″ – Jim “Kimo” West Returns! (Part 1)

Original Air Date – June 23, 2021

With his new slack-key guitar album just released, Weird Al guitarist Jim “Kimo” West makes his triumphant return to the podcast having won his first Grammy Award and other exciting accomplishments since his appearance back on Episode 1″. Dave and Ethan chat with Kimo about his early career, touring with Weird Al and more in part 1 of this exciting and in-depth two-part interview.

This week’s guest…

Jim "Kimo" West

Jim “Kimo” West has been playing guitar with Weird Al since 1982. He’s also known as one of the world’s top slack key guitarists. As a session musician, he has played acoustic and electric guitar on many Grammy Award winning CD’s, TV shows and feature films. His solo album, Moku Maluhia – Peaceful Island, was recently nominated for a Grammy Award. He also wrote and performed The Official Dave & Ethan’s 2000″ Weird Al Podcast Theme Song.