Episode 172″- Ethan’s Archives: Dr. Demento (Part 2)

Original Air Date – September 21, 2022

Dave and Ethan present the second half of Ethan’s interview with Dr. Demento from August 2015! Dr. Demento shares why “Dr. D Superstar” was never fully played, why “It’s A Gas” was banned from The Dr. Demento Show, the origin of “Smogberry Trees,” and appearing on an episode of The Simpsons!

Dr. Demento

Dr. Demento has been celebrating “mad music and crazy comedy” on the airwaves playing everything from Spike Jones to Frank Zappa for nearly five decades. He is responsible for introducing the world to the Dr. Demento Show’s #1 most requested song of all time, “Fish Heads”, and even launching the career of the most successful artist in the entire history of funny music–“Weird Al” Yankovic.