Episode 223″ – WEIRD Costume Designer Wendy Benbrook

Original Air Date – March 6, 2024

Dave and Ethan are joined by Wendy Benbrook – Costume Designer for WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story and long-time costume designer for the iconic rock band KISS. In addition to her work with Weird Al, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and on MADtv, Wendy is currently touring with the legendary Rod Stewart!

Wendy Benbrook is a professional costume designer who specializes in the film, television and music industries. As Costume Designer, she has worked on MADtv where she won two Primetine Emmy Awards, and WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, among others. Wendy also designs the costumes for the iconic rock band KISS, as well as the legendary Rod Stewart. She is currently working on a documentary about healing through love and connection, called Love, Barry, prompted by the death of her brother in the Vietnam War.