Episode 224″ – Robert Smigel, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Original Air Date – March 20, 2024

Dave and Ethan welcome comedy legend Robert Smigel to the podcast to discuss his brand new special, “Let’s Make a Poop,” featuring Weird Al, now on YouTube. In addition to decades portraying Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, his work on Saturday Night Live and the TV Funhouse cartoons, he recently wrote and directed the Adam Sandler film, Leo, on Netflix.

Check out Triumph’s new special featuring Weird Al here.

Robert Smigel is a comedian, writer, and puppeteer, known for his animated Saturday Night Live “TV Fun House” shorts, including The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Fun With Real Audio, and the X-Presidents, and as the creator and voice of the foul-mouthed puppet, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Most recently, Robert co-wrote, co-directed, wrote songs for, and voices characters in the animated Netflix movie, LEO.