Episode 237″ – “There’s No Going Home” Writer Kevin Healey

Original Air Date – July 17, 2024

Dave and Ethan welcome Kevin Healey, the co-writer of Weird Al’s 1996 Disney Channel special, “Weird Al” Yankovic: There’s No Going Home. Now a seasoned television producer known for his extensive work with Kevin Hart and prank TV shows, Kevin shares how he was chosen to write the special, the process of writing with Weird Al, and how Ed McMahon wasn’t originally part of the special. 

Plus Matthew Kelly of the Weird Al-Gorithm Podcast pops in to talk about the panel Dave and Ethan are joining him on at San Diego Comic-Con!

Kevin Healey is a Executive Producer, Writer, and Director who co-wrote The Disney Channel’s “Weird Al” Yankovic: There’s No Going Home television special, in 1996, with Weird Al. Most recently, he’s been the Executive Producer for many Kevin Hart projects, including the upcoming Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson television series, that will air later this month to coincide with the Summer Olympics.