Episode 63″ – UHF Stunt Coordinator (T. Alan Kelly) & Gandhi II Thug (Andy Billups)

Original Air Date – July 15, 2020

Dave and Ethan interview UHF Stunt Coordinator T. Alan Kelly and the “Gandhi II” thug actor Andy Billups as they continue their celebration of Weird Al’s iconic cult classic film.

In addition to being a stunt coordinator, T. Alan Kelly portrayed both the thug Gandhi throws into the dumpster and the karate student tossed from the second story window, while Andy Billups portrayed the thug Gandhi punches through the chest!

Alan Kelly

T. Alan Kelly is a Hall of Fame Professional Kickboxer, Karate Instructor, Movie Stuntman, and Professional Bass Fisherman. As the stunt coordinator for UHF he oversaw many popular scenes in the film, including choreographing the fight scene for Gandhi II where he was tossed into a dumpster, as well as personally getting tossed out of a second story window at Kuni’s Karate Studio!

Andy Billups is a Professional Boxer, and Kickboxer with 40 years of Martial Arts experience. At the age of 50, he returned to the professional boxing ring twice, and is owner of the Victory Boxing Club in Edmond, Oklahoma. He plays the thug who Gandhi punches clear through in the Gandhi II spoof trailer in UHF.