Episode 78″ – Jeff McClelland (Midnight Star 2020)

Original Air Date – October 28, 2020

Dave and Ethan are joined by fellow Weird Al super-fan and collector Jeff McClelland to discuss his newly-released 27th anniversary issue of the ’93-’98 Midnight Star Weird Al Fanzine.

Jeff McClelland

Jeff McClelland is a Weird Al super fan, and avid collector, who designed three VIP posters for the Strings Attached Tour (Gilford, NH; Pittsburgh, PA; San Diego, CA). In 2020, Jeff published a special edition 27th anniversary issue of the beloved Midnight Star fanzine. Jeff is also the artist that Dave and Ethan called upon to design the poster for their live UHF screening event with Jonah Ray in January 2020. Jeff is a regular at San Diego Comic Con, having worked on comics such as The Tick, Honcho, and The Black Terror.