Episode 62″

Dave and Ethan celebrate the movie UHF by interviewing the announcer from the iconic “Spatula City” commercial featured in both the UHF film and on the official soundtrack – radio legend M.G. Kelly!

Also from the iconic UHF spoof commercial, they are joined by Sherry Engstom, the actress known for playing the memorable “Spatula Wife” role.

The episode additionally features the world premiere of Dave and Ethan’s first official parody of a Weird Al track – You will flip when you hear this parody of “Spatula City” featuring authentic guest vocals!

Dave & Ethan launch a podcast!

Dave & Ethan

Dave “Elvis” Rossi & Ethan Ullman are two of the biggest Weird Al fans in the world!   

You may recognize Dave as the fan who spearheaded the campaign to get Al a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including helping to raise the necessary $40,000 to pay for it! He is also known for his extensive Weird Al collection, his Weird Al tattoos, and this podcast!  

Ethan is amassing an impressive Weird Al collection of his own, as well as spending time as a comedian and comedy radio show host – having interviewed Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, Marc Maron, Kate Flannery, Awkwafina, Margaret Cho, and even Weird Al himself!

Dave and Ethan constantly talk about Weird Al for hours at a time. It’s not unusual for them to be on the phone discussing Al into the wee hours of the morning, so it was kind of a natural progression to start up a podcast. Their conversations would be fun for anyone with the appropriate level of nerdiness, and they want to share them with you. And as much as this podcast is an outlet for Dave and Ethan, it’s meant to be one for you, too. Our goal is not only to entertain you, but also to engage you in conversation!

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While running a niche podcast is quite lucrative on it’s own, sometimes it would be nice to add some premium gas to our solid gold humvees, so we decided to join Patreon!

We love recording and posting weekly episodes and bi-wheneverly bonus episodes, and thought our listeners would also enjoy some exclusive additional content – including secret episodes, bloopers, videos and unaired segments.

Our goal is to help cover the costs associated with running a podcast, and at the same time, create fun content for our listeners.

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