Episode 101″ – Joel Miller (Part 2)

Original Air Date – April 7, 2021

Weird Al’s best friend and confidant, Joel Miller, returns to share more stories from his forty-five year long friendship with Weird Al.

In part two of the interview, we will learn about unreleased Weird Al songs, how Weird Al was able to call Kurt Cobain at Saturday Night Live, Weird Al’s first time being filmed for TV, other actors considered for the UHF cast, why the little boy who found the marble in the oatmeal was named Joel Miller, and many more great stories and insights by Joel Miller about Al’s early career.

Joel Miller is Weird Al’s best friend and confidant. He first met Weird Al in college, and was literally there when Weird Al got his nickname, has been there for Weird Al throughout his incredible career, and was even by his side at Weird Al’s wedding as his best man.