Episode 4″ – Kyle Carrozza aka TV’s Kyle & Tour Speculation!

Original Air Date – May 29, 2019

Dave and Ethan interview Kyle Carrozza aka TV’s Kyle – creator and star of Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords. Learn about the origin of Weird Al’s appearance on Mighty Magiswords and learn how you can support Kyle’s new album via Kickstarter! Dave and Ethan also speculate on Weird Al’s Strings Attached Tour and talk about special centimeter bonus episodes, as well as which shows they will be attending. Frank compiles a special segment to celebrate Ethan’s birthday!

TV's Kyle

Kyle Carrozza, aka TV’s Kyle is the creator of Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network, and provides the lead voice of Prohyas in the show. He is currently storyboarding on Animaniacs, as well as preparing for the release of his new album Commodore Touchdown, in conjunction with Needlejuice Records, who will be distributing the album in digital, tape cassette, compact disc, and vinyl formats.