Episode 65″ – Conan the Librarian (Roger Callard)

Original Air Date – July 29, 2020

Dave and Ethan interview Roger Callard, the actor who portrayed Conan the Librarian in Weird Al’s cult classic film, UHF.

In addition to diving in to his iconic role, Roger talks about his time as a bodybuilder (in which he won dozens of titles including IFBB’s Mr. USA and Mr. International), his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, his prolific acting career, and setting his sights on a career in music.

Roger Callard

Roger Callard is a former competitive bodybuilder, and actor who’s won a string of contests in his 10-year-long competitive career. Some of his best achievements were the 1975 Mr. USA, 1977 IFBB Mr. America title, and the 1978 IFBB Mr. International title. He appeared in numerous TV shows, movies, and parodies over the years – including the famous Pumping Iron bodybuilding documentary. His latest film Dwarfhammer is expected to be released in 2021, and his new music single “Lost Melody” will be available soon.