Episode 69″ – Talking Weird Al’s Hollywood Star with Polly Esther and Jackson Scoggins

Original Air Date – August 26, 2020

Dave and Ethan celebrate the two-year anniversary of Weird Al’s Hollywood Star Ceremony by chatting with Polly Esther and Jackson Scoggins – two attendees with incredible stories from that day. Dave and Ethan also share what they did leading up to that fateful day on August 27, 2018.

Polly Esther is an Award-winning Performance Artist and Storyteller. Her one-woman shows cover everything from Weird Al through Star Trek, recovery, sobriety, anxiety, and more! She has performed at the Orlando Fringe Festival among others. Her shows include “Dammit, Jim! I’m a Comedienne, Not a Doctor!”, “Weird Al Saved My Life”, and “Pollywood” — the latter in which she tells her amazing story of traveling from Toronto to Hollywood to attend Weird Al’s Star Ceremony!

Jackson Scoggins is a Weird Al super fan who spent over 24 hours waiting on Hollywood Blvd in August 2018 to be the very first person in line for Weird Al’s Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.