Episode 97″ – Dave “Foots” Footman

Original Air Date – March 10, 2021

Dave and Ethan interview Dave “Foots” Footman, a Hollywood technician that played an integral part in the production of Weird Al’s film, UHF. Foots shares details about the film from behind the camera as well as crew and cast antics when not filming.

Dave “Foots” Footman is a long-time Hollywood technician that has worked on many films and TV shows, including Weird Al’s UHF. In addition to his role as a grip, Foots also helped build the Wheel Of Fish and fire hose rig, as well as performing an integral behind the scenes role in the fire hose scene. In the late 1990s, Foots also was the voiced the villain Typhus on the Big Bad Beetleborgs television series and played a roller skating Santa in We Married Margo.