Episode 100″ – Joel Miller (Part 1)

Original Air Date – March 31, 2021

In this very special episode, Dave and Ethan sit down with Weird Al’s best friend – and confidant – Joel Miller! Joel was literally there when Al became WEIRD AL, has been there for throughout Weird Al’s incredible career, and was even by his side as the best man at Al’s wedding.

Joel shares unrestrained and unbounded stories from attending college together, performing their first shows, and other amazing never-before-told stories stemming from their forty-five-year-long friendship.

Plus, we celebrate reaching 100 episodes – and – our intern, Frank, speaks on the podcast for the very first time!

This week’s guest…

Joel Miller is Weird Al’s best friend and confidant. He first met Weird Al in college, and was literally there when Weird Al got his nickname, has been there for Weird Al throughout his incredible career, and was even by his side at Weird Al’s wedding as his best man.