On-Air Personalities

Dave “Elvis” Rossi

Yeah, that guy!

If there’s something Weird Al-related going on, Dave, or Elvis if you prefer, has probably been involved in it.

As a young boy, Dave’s cousin gave him a copy of some Weird Al songs on cassette, and that started Dave’s fandom. Since then, Dave has amassed an impressive collection of Weird Al memorabilia with over 6,000 pieces from around the world.

Dave attended his first Weird Al concert at The Ritz in New York City in 1992 and is a veteran of over 200 concerts since. He even met his wife at a Weird Al concert!

In 1994, Dave launched one of the very first Weird Al fan sites, We’ve Got It All On UHF, which is still running strong today.

In 1997, Dave got his first Weird Al tattoo, Al’s signature, tattooed on his ankle. He later added a portrait of Weird Al, and portraits and signatures from the entire band. Dave’s tattoos have been featured on MSNBC and VH1.

In 2003, Dave founded The Weird Al Star Fund with the goal of getting Weird Al a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2018, Dave saw his dream come true as he danced in front of 1,500 fans on Hollywood Blvd. at Weird Al’s star ceremony.

Ethan Ullman

Ethan is a comedian, storyteller, Weird Al super-fan and works as an associate producer for a live entertainment content studio.

In addition to producing the monthly Pretty Much the Best Comedy Show and Storytime Time comedy and storytelling shows in upstate New York, Ethan previously hosted Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman, a comedy and interview radio show on WCDB 90.9 FM & Comedy Pipe Network.

Ethan has appeared on the Howard Stern Show and his stories have been featured on the Kevin Allison’s Risk! storytelling podcast. A lifelong fan of Weird Al and comedy music, Ethan enjoys adding to his ever-growing Weird Al collection.

In August 2018, Ethan made an AL-grimage traveling over 3,000 miles to visit Weird Al’s childhood home, his Hollywood Star, and even the bathroom where “My Bologna” was recorded, among other holy places.

Behind The Scenes

Intern Frank

Frank is the intern at Dave & Ethan’s 2000″ Weird Al Podcast. He does everything Dave and Ethan don’t want to do.

Frank told us that he has a degree in Communications from the University of Chicago. He has interned at several Fortune 400 companies, volunteers at the local animal shelter, and his ground-breaking podcast Stepping Into An Alternate Dimension was nominated for a Hugo Award in 2016.

We’re not sure we believe that.

Frank also told us he also owns a really awesome TV.

We believe that.

Jim “Kimo” West

Dave and Ethan are honored that Kimo, Weird Al’s long time guitarist, wrote and performed the Dave & Ethan’s 2000″ Weird Al Podcast theme song. In addition to working with Al, Kimo is a Grammy Award winning slack key guitarist.

Jackie Rossi

Jackie supports the guys behind the scenes and occasionally steps in as a special guest on bonus episodes. When not filling in on Dave & Ethan’s 2000″ Weird Al Podcast, Jackie co-hosts Mares in Black, a model horse podcast.

Kelly Phillips

Kelly is one of Dave and Ethan’s favorite artists, so it was only natural that they asked her to design the artwork that you see on the main page of the website.  Kelly is a cartoonist based out of West Philly, and editor of the all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds.

Heather Malone

Heather is a graphics artist based out of Denver. She designed the logo for Dave & Ethan’s 2000″ Weird Al Podcast. Heather also co-hosts Mares in Black, a model horse podcast.