Episode 153″ – Ludicris Lorri MacMillan (Part 2)

Original Air Date – April 6, 2022

Dave and Ethan finish their interview with Ludicris Lorri MacMillan (O’Grady) of The Dr. Demento Show. Lorri shares stories of when she dated Weird Al in 1980, including their adventures going to The Dr. Demento Show, recording The Weird Al Show on his college radio station, hi-jinx in and around San Luis Obispo, and seeing The Knack with Weird Al (and his special gift for the band).

Lorri MacMillan (formerly Lorri O’Grady), aka Ludicris Lorri, was a cast member and intern on The Dr. Demento Show who briefly dated Weird Al in 1980, but has remained friends with him for more than 40 years. While her professional career started in media and entertainment, she now finds herself happily married in Los Angeles and working in the finance industry.