Episode 199″ – Laura Pursell (Tonya Harding in Headline News)

Original Air Date – June 28, 2023

Dave and Ethan interview ‘Tonya Harding’ from Weird Al’s “Headline News” music video – singer, musician, and ice skater Laura Pursell! Laura shares how she got the role, her experiences on set, her famous father, and assaulting an A-list celebrity.

Laura Pursell is a singer, recording artist actress, and writer. Her newest album, “Lost in Time – A Tribute to Bill Pursell” is a tribute to her late father, Bill Pursell, legendary pianist, composer, and Music Row sideman to Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Chet Atkins, and Marty Robbins, and contains his final arrangements and studio recordings. Laura is also a competitive figure skater and Nashville skating coach, who played Tonya Harding in Weird Al’s “Headline News” music video.