Episode 235″ – Allie Goertz

Original Air Date – July 3, 2024

Dave and Ethan welcome Allie Goertz to the podcast!  Not only does Allie list Weird Al as a main influence for her music, she is a featured background actor in WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, a former editor at MAD Magazine, the subject of a Nerf Herder song, and a nerdy musician who pays homage to Milhouse, D&D, Pee-wee Herman, Freaks and Geeks and all of her favorite things!

Her brand new album, Peeled Back: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, drops on July 9th.  Pre-save in now at https://tinyurl.com/peeled-back

Allie Goertz is a musician, former editor of MAD Magazine, co-host of Everything’s Coming Up Simpsons, a podcast dedicated to The Simpsons, and inspiration for a viral song by the band Nerf Herder. Her Nine Inch Nails cover album Peeled Back will be released on July 9, 2024.