Episode 34″ – Devo Spice, Derwood Bowen, & Metal Al!

Original Air Date – December 25, 2019

Dave and Ethan interview comedy musician Devo Spice, as well as chat with Derwood Bowen and Chad Kelson, aka Metal Al, to wrap up their final episode of 2019!

Devo Spice

Tom Rockwell, aka Devo Spice, is a comedy rap musician who is one of the most popular artists on The Dr. Demento Show, having a total of at least nine #1 songs on the show and many more Top 10 and Funny Five hits. His latest album is called The Anarchist’s Jokebook. He is also the driving force behind The FuMP, or The Funny Music Project, the premiere online source for new funny music, and a showcase for talented comedy musicians.

Derwood Bowen

Derwood Bowen is a comedy musician from Ohio who, as a fan of Weird Al, was inspired to write an original polka for Al’s Even Worse album, called “Polkamania.”

Chad Kelson

Chad Kelson, aka Metal Al, is a musician and fan of Weird Al, who was inspired to release an album of heavy metal covers of Weird Al songs called Dare To Be Metal. His second album of heavy metal covers of Weird Al songs was released in March 2020 and is called U​.​H​.​Death (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff).