Episode 62″ – Spatula City Announcer (M.G. Kelly) & Spatula Wife (Sherry Engstrom)

Original Air Date – July 8, 2020

Dave and Ethan celebrate the movie UHF by interviewing the announcer from the iconic “Spatula City” commercial featured in both the UHF film and on the official soundtrack – radio legend M.G. Kelly!

Also from the iconic UHF spoof commercial, they are joined by Sherry Engstom, the actress known for playing the memorable “Spatula Wife” role.

The episode additionally features the world premiere of Dave and Ethan’s first official parody of a Weird Al track – You will flip when you hear this parody of “Spatula City” featuring authentic guest vocals!

M.G. Kelly began his radio career in 1970 and still can continue to be heard on radio stations in America and around the world. He has been inducted into The Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, and presently hosts the relaunch of “Live from The ’60s with the Real Don Steele”. As a voice-over actor, he can be heard on hundreds of national ads, movies trailers and network promos.

Sherry Engstrom is a actress best known for her role as “Spatula Wife” in UHF. She continues to act today in community theater.