Episode 158″ – Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan & Brian Wecht)

Original Air Date – May 18, 2022

Dave and Ethan are joined by Dan Avidan (Danny Sexbang) & Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian) of the comedy music band Ninja Sex Party! They talk about their love of Weird Al, his influence on their music, and when Weird Al was a guest on Game Grumps!

Dan Avidan (aka Danny Sexbang) and Brian Wecht (aka Ninja Brian) are the founding members of the comedy rock duo Ninja Sex Party. In addition, they also work together with Arin Hanson on a side project band called Starbomb, and Dan is one of the co-stars of the YouTube gaming channel Game Grumps. Brian is a former theoretical physicist who left a professorship to work on Ninja Sex Party full time.